About Metan

About the company

Metan hf. was founded on August 20th 1999 by the Reykjavík Area Municipal Waste Disposal Company bs. and Aflvaki hf. Its current owner is SORPA bs. The company’s main focus is on developing Icelandic methane production and marketing environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles.

The object of the company under its articles of association is to distribute and sell methane and produce energy from methane, to develop environmentally friendly energy sources and other related activities, as well as real estate and credit operations.

The company is listed under the name Metan ehf. in Registers Iceland, the Enterprise Register, the Firms Register and the Register of Limited Companies. The activities of Metan ehf. are not subject to an operating licence. Metan ehf. is a member of the Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA).

The managing director of Metan ehf. is Björn H. Halldórsson.

Board members:
Hafsteinn Pálsson, Chairman
Jóna Sæmundsdóttir, Director
Guðmundur Geirdal, Director

Alternate members:
Bjarni Torfi Álfþórsson
Halldór Auðar Svansson
Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir

The company has a service agreement with SORPA for the purchase of office and operating services.

Address: Metan ehf.
Gylfaflöt 5, 110 Reykjavík
Telephone: 520 2200 Fax: 520 2209
ID No. 530999-2469 VAT No. 64146
Telephone: 520 2200 Fax: 520 2209
E-mail: metan@metan.is