There are environmental, financial and communal benefits to using methane-powered vehicles.
Methane fuel in the form of natural gas is widely available around the world and the fact that countries such as Iceland have the knowledge and capability to produce methane fuel from aboveground organic matter (biomethane) will likely lead to increased use of methane. Demand for methane fuel is largely due to it being safe, harmless when inhaled and touched and more economic and environmentally friendly than other fuel options for motorised transport. Energy security is a growing concern in the 21st century, and many nations across the globe are showing an increased interest in using more methane fuel in transport. There is an increased focus on nations securing the mobility and transport security of their citizens by means of a renewable and sustainable energy system. There is no discernible difference between driving a methane-powered vehicle using biomethane fuel (Icelandic methane) or “prehistoric” methane fuel (natural gas), as the compound is the same, CH4, in both instances.

Environmental benefits
Climatic impact – decreased warming of the earth’s atmosphere, reduced total emission of greenhouse gases
Immediate environment – health benefits and less damage to fixed assets

Financial benefits
Total cost of vehicle’s energy system – cost per km
Total cost of buying a new car, exemption from excise duty
Free parking, with certain limitations, in Reykjavík

Benefits for the community
Foreign currency savings due to change in energy systems
Job creation and innovation
Energy safety – dependability and diversity
Sustainability / renewable energy
Transport safety

Methane-powered vehicles are allowed to park free of charge, with certain limitations, in metered parking spaces in Reykjavík.

Free parking only applies to cars with a clock disc issued by the City of Reykjavík.
The registered net weight of the vehicle must be less than 1,600 kg.
Duration of free parking is for each trip so free parking time is not renewed when the car is moved between spaces.
Free parking does not apply if the car has studded tires.