Methane fuel

Raw material for methane production

Methane fuel can be produced from all aboveground organic matter. Thanks to great advances in the production and distribution of methane, methane fuel is now viewed all over the world as an important part in creating more environmentally transportation systems.

Thanks to the pioneering work carried out by waste collection authorities in the Reykjavík area, Icelandic methane has been produced in Álfsnes from the year 2000, and today, SORPA bs. produces high-grade, 125–130 octane biomethane fuel with up to 98% purity. Plans have been made to build a Biogas Plant in the Reykjavík area, where biomethane fuel will be produced from organic matter.
Raw material that can be used to produce methane fuel for vehicles and which will be utilised in Iceland as in other parts of the world includes:

  •  All organic household waste, including food remains, diapers, sanitary towels, waste from pets etc.
  •  All organic industrial waste, including food remains
  •  Sewage
  •  Biomass from fisheries, including fish offal
  •  Biomass from food processing, including slaughterhouse waste