Methane stations

Methane-powered vehicles.

Both Hekla and Askja have imported methane-powered vehicles. Volkswagen, Skoda and Mercedes Benz are available as methane-powered vehicles in Iceland.

Today, various vehicles can run on both methane fuel and petrol. Most car manufacturers now produce cars with a bi-fuel engine that is in all respects like a petrol engine except that it can run on both methane and petrol. The cars have two fuel tanks and a computer control system that switches automatically to petrol if the methane tank is empty. Such vehicles are highly suitable for places such as Iceland, where methane distribution is in its nascent stage. Drivers cannot find any difference between running on methane and petrol.
A considerable number of methane-powered commercial vehicles are in use in the Reykjavík area, including two buses and all of Reykjavík’s waste collection trucks.